Chakra Alignment and Meditation Candles (single chakra set of 4)

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Our Chakra Candles are designed to harness the energies of each chakra to support alignment and meditation work in each area. These candles have a combination of dried organic herbs, flowers, spices and resins to support each chakra. Each candle is adorned with chakra specific crystals and anointed with a custom blended chakra oil. Additional oils available in the shop. 7 Chakra Sets available in the shop! Purchasing Color Key Rainbow = Chakra Sets Only Silver = Crown/Sahasrara Purple = Third Eye/Ajna Blue= Throat/Vishuddha Green= Heart/Anahata Yellow= Solar Plexus/ Manipura Orange= Sacral/ Svadhishthana Red= Root/ Muladhara Multiple sizes and custom orders always available.