Custom Road Opener Intention Candles

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Many works of conjure must begin with clearing away obstacles and opening roads for new opportunities, and clearing the path in life so you can forge ahead. When there are too many things standing in the way, change and advancement becomes impossible because you are expending all of your energy on the crises and distractions. It’s no wonder you feel stuck. This blend including Abre Camino and Lemongrass will get things moving! People, places and things...virtually, any kind of obstacle can be eliminated, whether it is internal or external. Some examples of obstacles include: -Negative outlook on life -Naysayers and sabotagers -Financial stagnation -Emotional blockages -Conflicts with other people -Lack of opportunities -Bad weather -Unemployment -Legal problems -Confusion and inability to think clearly -Writer’s block -Evil Eye (Mal de Ojo) -Illness and disease Ideally, road opener spells are performed during a waxing moon, which is the time when you want to draw in opportunities or during a waning moon to get rid of obstacles. Please leave a note to seller so that I may address your specific needs during Candle production. Additional anointing oil available in the shop. Custom sizes and orders are always available. ***Shop Notes*** All Candles made to order. Each candle is hand-rolled or dressed with a special blend of organic, responsibly harvested (and sometimes hand-foraged) dried herbs, spices, flowers and tree resins. Candles are anointed with the highest quality essential oils and adorned with crystal chips to assist in your rituals and spell work. Intentions and requests infused during production to your specifications. All items cleansed and charged during corresponding moon phases. Please leave color requests and special instructions or needs in the message to seller box. I am happy to work with you on your specific ingredients or design the spell work for you. ***IMPORTANT*** Ritual/Spell/Intention candles contain herbs and oils that are flammable and will ignite. Some may “pop”. This combined with personal and spell energy may cause candles to burn like a torch. Always place candles on a salted or sand covered candle plate or in a small layer of moon water away from other items and walls. Herbal smoke will produce a cleansing effect, burn candles in a well ventilated area. Allow candle to burn completely. Do not blow out candle or try to extinguish with water. If you must, end the spell/ask permission to extinguish and “snuff” out the candle.