Hot Foot Powder 1 Oz bag

Hot Foot Powder 1 Oz bag

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Waxingthemoon’s blend contains varied red and black peppers, including cayenne, brimstone, ritual salts and dragon’s blood powder. The main purpose of this powder is providing a harmless way for users to rid themselves of negative people.

Hot Foot Powder is a long-standing Hoodoo Blend designed to rid yourself of negative individuals. Hot Foot Powder is the perfect powder to get rid of enemies, undesirable neighbors, negative or abusive people, or any other situation or spiritual force that is negatively influencing you.

You may also employ it for candle divination or foot tracking rituals.

Sprinkle Hot Food Powder in areas that your intended subject frequently walks. You may also apply to chairs or other objects they use often. Be certain to step backwards while stating your intentions loud and clear.

To target someone to eliminate them from your path: Carve the name of your target and dress a black candle in hot foot powder. Write your intentions on parchment/petition paper and add hit foot to the center. Fold away from yourself and place under the dressed candle. Psalm 35may be recited once lit, if your path calls.