Love Spell Mini Kit

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Love Spell Mini Kit for St. Valentine’s or any time! ❤️ Love Spell Sachet: An enchanted blend of Roses, Cornflower, Jasmine & “the love herb” Damiana. Carried with a mini rose quartz heart and garnet chips to draw in love from others and hold true love of self. ❤️Love Spell Herbal Tealight Candle: Scented with violet, rose and vanilla essential oils. Topped with Rose, Violet and Jasmine flowers, Damiana and Cinnamon with Pink Tourmaline and Garnet chips. Used to draw in new love and reignite passion in long time lovers. ❤️The Lovers Anointing Oil: for sacred spaces, tools and the sacred self. Blended with Rose, Violet, Jasmine and Vanilla Easential Oils with dried flowers and Damiana herb. ❤️Directions for use included. All Ingredients are organic and of the highest Food Grade quality. Items included are blessed with intentions set upon creation and ready for use.