MOON RITUALS Mini Ritual Bath Full 5 phase set

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Full set of 5 Lunar phase ritual bath kits. Each Ritual bath kit includes a ritual bath herbal salt blend, a custom blended essential oil sample and a ritual tea light specifically designed for each phase. Our ritual bath spell salts are made with the highest quality dried organic herbs and flowers blended with Epsom salts to invigorate and cleanse the body of toxins. They are scented with top shelf essential oils to stimulate the mind for clear manifestation. All ingredients are hand selected to your specific intention. Dark Moon Ritual- Jasmine, Sandalwood, Mugwort, Dark Patchouli and Peppermint *DARK- The three day period before the sliver of the new moon appears. It is a time of darkness in the sky, there is no visible moon. Usually a time for rest and renewal, Vision quests and Meditations are excellent for this time. The Dark Moon is also a time to call upon Dark Goddesses and work curses or hexes New Moon Ritual- lemongrass, jasmine and lavender *NEW- Best time to set intentions, this moon phase is a good time to consecrate new tools and items to be used in ritual. It is a time used for personal growth, healing and blessing new objects or ventures. Waxing Moon Ritual- Rosemary, Basil, Thyme, Coriander, Chamomile, Bergamot and Citrus *WAXING-A time of growth, learning, creativity, healing and transformation. Cast for attraction magic, prosperity, love spells, protection and healing energy for couples. Full Moon Ritual- Jasmine, Rose, Lavender and Mugwort FULL- Full moon magic can be conjured during the three day period before, the peak of the moon and the three days after. This time is used to banish unwanted influences in your life. It is a time for setting up plans and releasing old patterns. Perform divination and protection magic. Waning Moon Ritual- Orange, Anise, Blue Lotus, Marigold, Frankincense, Jasmine and Sandalwood WANING-Banish and reject those things that no longer serve you or influence you in a negative way.let go of negative emotions, diseases, ailments and bad habits. Perform clearing spells.