Organic Atropa Belladonna Herb c/s 1 Oz in Tin

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1 Oz herb in reusable tin

Deadly nightshade- Atropa Belladona

“I have a deadly nightshade
So twisted does it grow-
with berries black as midnight
And a skull as white as snow
The vicar’s cocky young son
Came to drink my tea
He touched me without asking
now he’s buried ‘neath a tree”
— trad “Girls Skipping Rhyme” from Chokely in Wynterset

Gender: Feminine
Planet: Saturn/ Pluto/Mars
Element: Water
Powers: Astral Projection, Divination
Deities: Hecate / Circe/ Belona

🌿Belladonna “Deadly” Nightshade- Atropa belladonna, also known as deadly nightshade. It comes from the Solanaceae family…along with peppers, aubergines, tomatoes and potatoes, it is considered a baneful herb. The name, belladonna, comes from the Italian, ‘beautiful ladies’. In bygone days, Venetian women believed that dilated pupils made them more attractive. It’s not as mad as it sounds. The pupils naturally dilate when the person is aroused, so it would serve to make the ladies look more interested than they perhaps were. Quite handy if you’re after a husband.

Belladonna is most commonly known for its connection in flying ointments and the myth of witches flying on broomsticks, which the application of a “flying / witch’s ointment” on a broom handle between the legs allowed the absorption of the ointment to induce hallucinations.

Its name, Atropa, comes from Atropos, the third of the Greek Fates. It was her job to cut the thread of life after it had been measured out by her two sisters. It was also sacred to Bellona, a Roman war goddess.

Belladonna is very heavily associated with death. Due to its narcotic nature, Belladonna was ritually used to encourage astral projection and to aid in producing visions. Priests of Bellona, the Roman goddess of war, would often drink an infusion of Belladonna prior to worshiping and invoking the goddess. However, Belladonna not only stimulates the nervous system, it paralyzes it, making it extremely dangerous.

DO NOT INGEST NIGHTSHADES. Please, always consult a physician and do your research before using any herbs. Sold as CURIO only.