Organic/Kosher Angelica Root

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Organic/Kosher Angelica root 1 Oz in reusable black tin Fire Element The Sun Venus Protection Banishing Cleansing Hex breaking Exorcism Angelica is associated with the angels Michael and Gabriel. It is aligned with the sun and the element of fire and sacred to Venus. Angelica is commonly used for general protection, especially against evil spirits and hex-breaking as well as general blessing and is especially useful for the defense of women. Angelica root can be carried alone or added to amulets to increase longevity and ward off illness and evil spirits. It has also been used as a talisman to increase luck in gambling. Angelica is excellent in incenses for exorcisms, healing, and protection. It is also used as a bath to remove curses placed on the individual and sprinkled around a home to protect the house and those within from baneful magic.