Queen of Swords Banish, Cleanse & Clear Hydrosol spray

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⚔️ Queen of Swords ⚔️ sacred space anti negativity/ banishing cleanse & clear Hydrosol spray Eliminate what haunts you (physically, metaphysically and emotionally) with this Hydrosol spray. Ritually blended protective herbs including Rosemary, White Sage, Calendula, Clove, Peppermint, Rue and Mugwort join Black Tourmaline Chips in this powerful banishing blend. Our hydrosol spray blends are created from the highest grade distilled floral waters, essential oils, dried flowers and crystal chips. Listing is for 2 Oz UV protective spray bottle of choice. Producing hydrosol is part of the essential oil distillation process. Water and steam are pushed around and through the plant material, which captures the steam and essential oil. The two are separated out later on, which results in the production of pure hydrosol – a nice-smelling, multi-purpose water with all of the properties of the plant it has been extracted from. Hydrosols are water based and can be used to cleanse the energy and air around you, use as a toner (caution if your choice includes peppermint) or skin and hair refresher. Freshen clothes, furniture or the air and bring in sacred energy. Spray on your pillow or clothes to call in night time rituals and add sacred energy into your bed. Great for car, purse office or home.