Samhain XL Celebration Votive

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Samhain XL Celebration votive in Layers of Deep Woods, Amber notes with Spices and Autumnal herbs. Dressed and anointed in our Samhain blend, featuring Calendula, White Sage, Star Anise, Cinnamon, Clove, Rue, Mugwort and Mandrake Root. Listing is for 1 votive Samhain marks the Witch’s New Year. Prounounced Sow-wen; Samhain is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the “darker half” of the year. Traditionally, it is celebrated from 31 October to 1 November, as the Celtic day began and ended at sunset. This is about halfway between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice. Practitioners believe that the barriers between the physical world and the spirit world break down during Samhain, allowing more interaction between humans and denizens of the Otherworld.