THE EMPRESS Ritual Bath Set for Free Flowing manifestation, abundance & Financial Protection

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👑 THE EMPRESS 👑 Manifestation, Abundance & Financial Protection Ritual Bath Set (6 Tealights & 6.5 Oz salts) This blend brings continued financial flow from unexpected places, brings financial protection and blocks curses and negative speak towards business or persons. Our ritual bath spell salts are made with the highest quality dried organic herbs and flowers blended with Epsom salts to invigorate and cleanse the body of toxins. They are scented with top shelf essential oils to stimulate the mind for clear manifestation. All ingredients are hand selected to your specific intention. Ritual Baths can be used in the shower using a bowl method or mixed with coconut oil for a magickal scrub! Custom Orders always available. Custom sizes available. Ritual baths are like an extension to mediation. So it's very important to treat that time as a ritual for maximum benefits. For each blended salt, you would want to se the space. lighting candles, play meditative music, whatever would set the tone for intense relaxation without interruption. Binaural beats are a great way to drop into meditation. I would start with approx 1/3 bag. You may adjust to your liking. If using in the bath, make sure the water is not to hot, as you want to be able to remain in a meditative state and not get overheated. Once your space is set, enter the water, begin relaxing with eyes closed and focus on your intention. Visualize yourself taking in healing green or calming blue energy, pay attention to visualizations that may come to you...or if banishing, after meditation, slowly submerge and upon exiting push the water down your face and out of your hair. Stand and push the water off your arms, down through your fingertips. Continue down your abdomen, down your legs through your toes. Envision negativity and unhealthy attachments leaving your body. pat yourself or air dry if possible. Allow time to rest and come back into yourself post bath. Don't rush into anything for 20-30 minutes. journaling or drawing or even sleeping/dreaming is excellent to receive continued messages post meditation.