The Hermit Ritual Soap

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The Hermit 🧙‍♂️ (VIRGO) Relax & Release Ritual Soap 🌿 Excellent for replenishment post shadow work and meditation. Soaps are 2” in diameter, 1” deep. Great for stacking in a dish. Perfect size to keep fresh! Multiple Available.
All of our ingredients are organic and fair trade when available. Hand blended with care and intent.

The Hermit opens gateways for contemplation, inner truths and opening to your spirit guides. This blend may be used to combats loneliness and feelings of isolation. The Hermit blend assists in the release of physical, emotional and psychic stress, anxiety and trauma (PTSD).

The Hermit for LOVE:
-Assist in taking a pause in your love life to allow for introspection.
-Allow time for yourself to find your place in relationships, identify personal needs and boundaries.
-Combat romantic rejection, loneliness or feeling distant from partner

The Hermit for CAREER:
-Contemplating the next steps in your career path, realigning career to internal goals and searching for purpose in your career
-Combat feelings of being an outcast at work, blocking undeserved targeting or feelings of working alone

The Hermit for MONEY:
-understanding the role of finances and material items in your personal happiness
-Desire less focus on material things and find a better understanding of your material situation

Organic honey based soap combined with our exclusive Hermit blends of herbs and oils. Finished with an aqua swirl of mica dust.