WISDOM and TRUTH mental clarity spell candles

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Sometimes we can become so emotionally attached to a situation, that we can no longer see how dysfunctional it may be. Gain clarity and insight with this select blend of thyme, violet, mint and strawberry leaf. Dressed in orange and peppermint oils and adorned with clear quartz and amazonite. Set of 4 Votives. ***IMPORTANT*** Ritual/Spell/Intention candles contain herbs and oils that are flammable and will ignite. Some may “pop”. This combined with personal and spell energy may cause candles to burn like a torch. Always place candles on a salted or sand covered candle plate or in a small layer of moon water away from other items and walls. Herbal smoke will produce a cleansing effect, burn candles in a well ventilated area. Allow candle to burn completely. Do not blow out candle or try to extinguish with water. If you must, end the spell/ask permission to extinguish and “snuff” out the candle. Leave requests in notes to seller.