Yarrow Flower Organic/Kosher 1 Oz in tin

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Yarrow Flowers 1 Oz herb in tin Organic/Kosher Element: Air Planets: Jupiter/Venus Uses: Divination Protection Spells Dreamwork Love Magic traditionally connected to Venus because of the usefulness of the fresh herb as a poultice in skin problems. Yarrow also has the ability to potentiate other herbs when added to incense or when incorporated into love magick. It is put into love sachets, because it is believed capable of keeping a couple together for 7 years. Magickally, this herb is good for divination—it makes a nice ingredient for dream pillows and for divinatory incense and tea (great to combine with mugwort for this purpose). Yarrow has often been used for divining the identity of one’s future lover or determining whether one is truly loved. In the past, yarrow was used as a protectant. It was strewn across the threshold to keep out evil and worn to protect against hexes. It was tied to an infant’s cradle to protect it from those who might try to steal its soul. The Saxons wore yarrow amulets to protect against blindness, robbers, and dogs, among other things. A tea of the flowers raises the body temperature (good for the start of colds), works as a bitter tonic to help digestion, helps promote healthy coughing, eases spasms, and promotes menstruation (don't use during pregnancy). In India, yarrow was put into medicated steam baths for fever; the Chippewa used it very similarly for headache. Even now, the tea is sometimes taken as a remedy for the blues and for restlessness, especially during menopause. It is helpful in shedding fear and negativity.